Add WiPay Checkout to your Shopify store.

Transform your Shopify store with WiPay enabled Checkout. Process payments in JMD, TTD, BBD, and USD smoothly, ensuring funds land directly in your local bank. No complications, just straightforward sales success.
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Accept payments in JMD, TTD, BBD, or USD.

Includes a 7-day free trial and lifetime updates.

Cancel anytime.


✅ Your email address
✅ A verified WiPay Business account
✅ An active Shopify store

A truly local payment gateway.

The WiFy plug-in is a payment gateway for your store. When checking out, your shoppers are directed to WiPay's trusted checkout experience to pay. Once orders are paid for, they're sent to Shopify for you to process. Easy!

Watch to see how it works:

How does it work?

Install the plugin

After you start your free trial, our team works with you to install the plugin and add the “Checkout with WiPay” payment button to your Shopify store.

Add WiPay payment gateway

After shopping on your store, your customers are directed to WiPay's payment gateway to check out securely.

Enjoy peace of mind

After a successful purchase, money from the order is immediately sent to your WiPay account, where you can then withdraw directly into your bank account. The shopper’s order is sent to your Shopify store for processing.

Experience Caribbean E-Commerce on easy mode.

It’s no secret that getting into the e-commerce business and starting a Shopify store, especially in the Caribbean, isn’t an easy process.

There are tons of gruesome things to do like product hunting, copywriting, SEO, logistics, team-building, and so on.

Once you have finally put everything together, there’s still the question of how you are going to accept and receive payments — and overcoming all the barriers that come with it.

What if there was a way to easily connect WiPay with your Shopify store and start accepting payments from customers around the globe — with the ability to receive those payments straight into your bank account?

All the right reasons.

We take care of everything

All you need to do is subscribe, and allow us partner access to your Shopify store. Within 2 working days you can start accepting payments in your local currency.

No service charges

After a successful purchase, funds from orders are sent straight to your WiPay account with no additional charges.

Powered by Shopify

Continue enjoying full access to Shopify’s trusted and powerful features, without the hassle of getting paid.

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